About Us

Our Story

Welcome to Granville Farms, a pine tree farm with a beautiful elegant-rustic style barn.

Our family has worked for several years to make my dream of building a barn on our farm come true.

My Mom and my Great Grandpa ( Granville Moody) were my inspiration to have a family farm in Florida. My mom would tell me stories about her special memories as a child with her grandpa on the farm in Indiana. I wanted to create my own farm with a unique barn so that many people could enjoy, and make special memories with their visits.

I loved working with my Mom and my Grammy at our Hallmark gift shop in Eustis, Fl when I was growing up and I now look forward to having Lauren and Macy work with me at our barn. Attention to detail is a priority at our barn.

We can’t wait to meet you and help host your special event. Our unique barn and your individual style will make your celebration spectacular.


Mr. Granville Moody was born in Dayton, Ohio on July 2, 1854, the son of  Reverend and Mrs. Granville Moody.  His father, a methodist preacher, settled in Barkley Township in 1873. Mr. Moody grew up on a farm and for over fifty years he fed cattle. He became a large landowner. His experience in farming made him a well informed consultant for the bank which he served for a time as Vice President and for thirty-two years as a director.