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Welcome to Granville Farms, a pine tree farm with a beautiful elegant-rustic style barn.

Our family has worked for several years to make my dream of building a barn on our farm come true.

My Mom and my Great Grandpa ( Granville Moody) were my inspiration to have a family farm in Florida. My mom would tell me stories about her special memories as a child with her grandpa on the farm in Indiana. I wanted to create my own farm with a unique barn so that many people could enjoy, and make special memories with their visits.

I loved working with my Mom and my Grammy at our Hallmark gift shop in Eustis, Fl when I was growing up and I now look forward to having Lauren and Macy work with me at our barn. Attention to detail is a priority at our barn.

We can’t wait to meet you and help host your special event. Our unique barn and your individual style will make your celebration spectacular.

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Mr. Granville Moody was born in Dayton, Ohio on July 2, 1854, the son of  Reverend and Mrs. Granville Moody.  His father, a methodist preacher, settled in Barkley Township in 1873. Mr. Moody grew up on a farm and for over fifty years he fed cattle. He became a large landowner. His experience in farming made him a well informed consultant for the bank which he served for a time as Vice President and for thirty-two years as a director.